Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Blogger Interview Series- Mehak's Interview from peachesandblush.com

Blogger Interview Series-  Mehak's Interview from peachesandblush.com

Hello Everyone.....
A very warm Welcome to all my new readers...
As I told you before that I have started Blogger interview series on my blog....this is my sincere attempt to know many of the popular bloggers and their journey into blogging world...

So here we go with our first interview in this series..

I am so happy and delighted to interview our first blogger..Mehak from Peaches and Blush...
Some amazing reviews, nice OTDs, bridal series and lots of exciting stuff can be found on her blog...
She has also started Bridal shopping service...which you can know more about here...www.bridesbypb.com

Name- Mehak.S
Blog- Peachesandblush.com

When did you start blogging and how?
I started about 2 years back. It kind of started when i saw youtube videos of makeup gurus and got hooked on to products, and realised there werent enough indian voices on the scene ! sO I thought id lend my own
How was your blog named ?

Ugh. Peaches & Blush- well i wish i had some super interesting story behind this but honestly all names were taken ! Haha ! So i just put together my favourite blush- which is Peaches by Mac and my fav makeup product which is blush!

Who is/are your biggest inspiration/ns in this blogging world?

Oh definitely Karen from makeupandbeautyblog, Christine from Temptalia, Tanveer from Addicted to Blush and Cynthia from Indian Vanity case
What's your favourite outfit?
Im a very jeggings/ leggings person. So a long top, jeggins underneath and a slim belt over it in the summer. In winters i love layers. So cropped bomber jacket , mufflers, scarves etc
What are the five things you cannot leave the house without?
My keys, my wallet,a bottle of water, my sunglasses, and lipgloss
What according to you are the pros and cons of writing a fashion blog?
Pros- well you get a lot of exposure and you meet a whole lot of interesting people. A lot of opportunities come your way, which can take your career in a totally different direction. Its just a great outlet for your creativity, and for me atleast it was a whole different exciting life from my finance job.
Cons- i cant think of any except that if you want it to be a succesful blog, it needs a LOT of time. I think blogging is harder work than people realise. Like i need to make sure im posting everyday, im editing pictures, clicking pictures, planning out posts, replying to about a 100 emails, attending calls from PR people  etc- all of which is immensely time consuming. So between my real job, my blog and my personal shopping business i have literally no time.
How to increase readership to your blog?
I always say- number one, find your niche. There has to be something you do differently from the others- you could be the ones with the best photographs, or you could be the one with the best write ups or you could be the one with the best researched posts, but you need to find something you are the best at. Carve a niche for yourself that will make people come back to your blog- do something slightly different from the others.
Secondly- comment on other blogs, but not like "Hey, im having a giveaway"kind of comments. If you post intelligent, conversation starting comments you are bound to be noticed in sometime.
Thirdly embrace social media- get a facebook page, twitter and pinterest account asap!

What inspired you to start Bridal Series?
Well, it started as an exercise to keep me sane while planning my own wedding. It was almost kind of cathartic to write about stuff and what i was going through each month before D day approached. Before i realised i had all these readers who got so inolved that it almost felt like they were part of the whole celebrations. I loved it ! So it kind of took off from there, after my wedding i started focusing on other real brides and there stories. I then started a Bridal Shopping Service for NRI's which you can know more about here- www.bridesbypb.com
So yeah, its kind of become as important as beauty now-the bridal thing.

Does your family and friends know about your blogging popularity?
Yeah they do, but they always get surprised when my blog gets mentioned in the media sometime, or someone randomly comes up to me saying they recognise me from my blog etc. In the beginning they thought it was a waste of time, that im turning into a 'bimbo 'etc...but theyv realised this is something i love doing s theyr all quite supportive.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?
Umm, lets see. I definitely see my bridal shopping service growing into a full blown organisation. I see me doing my blog full time, hopefully like a mini magazine, i dont know actually. I tend to take a day as it comes and not plan so far ahead.

Thank You so much Mehak for this amazing interview....
Lots of Best Wishes and Good luck !!!!

Monday, 19 November 2012

My current addiction !!!

Hello all...
Its been a long that I posted...I am very busy these days...so here is a quick post on things I am getting my hands on the most...Hope you all will like....

Leather Red crossbody bag..It is the most used bag of mine

Jergens hand Cream...it is a very good hand cream

Tresemme Hairspray...It is a handsdown best hairspray

Garnier hydrating day care cream

Bobbi brown 4 pan pallete

Clinique lipstick in shade 27 After party

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Diwali To Everyone !!!!!!

Happy Diwali To Everyone !!!!!!

May you all have a very happy & Prosperous Diwali !!!
Enjoy the festival of lights.....
Eat lots of sweets and dress up to your best !!!!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012



Hello All..

I am very happy to announce my first BLOGGER'S INTERVIEW SERIES to you all..

Being in blogging world for quite a while now ..I was always interested to know more about the writers behind every post or blogs..

So thought of starting this series on my blog..So that not only me but many readers will also get to know their fav Bloggers and their likes and dislikes..

So stay tuned..You never know your's  might be the next interview one on my blog ..


Tuesday, 6 November 2012



Price- 7.99 gbp

Bought from Boots


Monday, 5 November 2012

Chanel Shopping !!!!!

Hi All...
New week ..Fresh start !!!

It is very chilly weather here....November is already started.This year went too fast for me...and next month is end of the year...
Well, next month is also Christmas month...and I must say ..the  way Christmas is celebrated here in London is out of the world...The whole London is decorated so beautifully....the happiness of the people around is a joyous feeling..And most importantly the sales are bang on :):)...The sales are on at each and every shop....but the best of sales are at Oxford street and Westfield Mall...and even many websites offer great deals with free shipping...So next month is full of shopping for everyone....

Anyhow My weekend was all of hush hush.. I had to finish some work over the weekend.. ..I also manage to go to Oxford street for lil shopping :):)...I bought some Chanel makeup..happy happy :)
How was your weekend ?

Reviews coming soon !!!!!

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Hi all....
How is life going for all ?...mine is all of hustle bustle now-a-days...

No doubt Zara is one of my fav brands...may it be in their clothes or accessories..
Few days ago I was shopping at Zara, and I spotted Zara perfumes section...
Well, they have quite a lot variety in Perfumes...
I chose ZARA WHITE PERFUME in EDT...I took the 30ml perfume...

The scents in it are Floral
 The top notes are Freesia, magnolia, jasmine and amber

Price - 7.99 gbp for 30ml

Bought from Zara, London

I love the perfume...It is not overpowering..quite subtle...
It is a good day time perfume..
But one imp thing to notice is it is not long lasting...
The packaging is very boring..:) not as stylish as their other stuff....

my rating-3/5

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Hello All...
Howz life???

Last Weekend my husband took me out for a lunch to a beautiful restaurant "VEERASWAMY'here in london ....It is an indian restaurant situated in the heart of the London.

Some history about Veeraswamy...

The legendary Veeraswamy, the grand Indian restaurant created in 1926, once again reflects the

 glamour and glory it exuded in the 1920s.

National Geographic, the highly respected travel

magazine, has named it one of the 10 Best Destination &

 Special Restaurants in the World. No other UK restaurant features in the top 10.

Veeraswamy is the oldest surviving Indian restaurant in

 the U.K, and possibly the world. It is one of London's

oldest surviving restaurants. It is a global restaurant institution.

Veeraswamy was established at the same site by the great grandson of an English General, and an Indian princess. The restaurant has been the rendezvous of rich, famous, and fashionable lovers of Indian food. Customers included Edward - Prince of Wales, King Gustav of Sweden, Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Charlie Chaplin, King Hussein of Jordan, and Marlon Brando.

This was my second time at Veeraswamy. I just loved the place.
The ambience, interiors, food, hospitality...everything is so stylish and luxurious..
The food is very tasty here and presentation is excellent...

But the funny part was ,all  guests at veeraswamy having lunch were British except us.
It was very weird....
All n all...Veeraswamy is an beautiful experience, food wise and hospitality wise too.

Some pics ...

 Some pics from our lunch...

hubby's drink...





Hi all....
Today I want to share with you my little nailpolish collection...hope you all will like this one...enjoyyyy the pics and video....

So here is the video