Monday, 15 October 2012

Currently Loving !!!!

Currently Loving !!!!
Hi all...
The weather of London is as usual dark, dull and cloudy for last few days. The summer is no where here in London. In last 2 years I have never seen a single whole week with a good forecast whole week through. I love London, the people here, fashion , food , the hustle bustle everything is so perfect here except the horrible weather. That's why  people who come on for holidays here...just are all over gaga on London. Because they just come here for few days.They explore, shop, roam .....also if they are coming from India...the weather there is so hot london weather is like nice and cuddly for them...but I bet if they start living here for years they will know how drowsy is the weather of london. Ok enough of my London weather story...I have something interesting things to share...

In this post I am going to share few things on which my hands get on more often in last few days....enjoy the post....

So these are the all things I am splurging on.....

1. Bracelet from Next ( gift from hubby)

2. Black Stud Earring from Ebay

3. Colourful bangles from India ( they were just for Rs.10 )

4. Maybelline Express Finish in speedy hot tamale 155

5. Clinique 7 day Scrub (review coming soon)

6.Revlon Lipstick in CopperGlaze Brown Frost 335(my all time fav lipstick)

7. These Mini Cheese Cookies..How can I forget to mention these cute lil cheese cookies..they are so tempting. I just keep hogging & hogging on them . and yes I finish the whole bowl of them ....cant resist them...:(