Sunday, 14 October 2012

Maybelline lipstick in no. 440 Coral Fire - my review

Review- Maybelline Coral Fire lipstick
Hi all ...
Today i am going to do a review post on Maybelline colorsensational in number 440 Coral Fire.
From many days i wanted a nice coral shade lipstick as this colour is in fashion this summer. So my search started for this colour in many brands of lipstick, but my problem with this type of shade was with many branded lipstick was it looked too loud for my taste, though i love all colours in lippies but this coral was not my kind of colour. But then I found a nice subtle coral colour in Maybeline Colorsensational in no. 440 Coral Fire. Dont go by the name , its quite subtle coral :)

So here are few pics...

and this is the swatch....

 Maybelline lipstick in no. 440 Coral Fire
bought at Superdrug London
Price- 7.19 gbp

My Views -

1. The shade is super subtle, if you are looking for nice coral shade , go for it...
2. Super moisturising, glides on easily.
3. Staying power is 4- 5 hours easily without eating :)
4. Packaging is good and sturdy.
5. Nice product for good rate.
6. I dont find any flaws.

My Rating - 4.5 /5

( This is totally my review on this product nobody is paying me for this review )